Level III

Technique Level III

Too much to esssplain. Let me sum up.
We take the moves from Level I and II, as well as other movement dynamics and concepts, and have lots of fun. Practicing the layers and variations you love, combinations for Group Improvisational Style, as well as learning choreographies and working on collaborative and creative project is just the beginning.

Group Improvisation Level III
Ancient Ruins
Arc turn line change
Black widow clique variation

Turkish 4s
Flock of moths
Big island
Hip riot
Partner jill
Dbl bmps line change
Swirly partner pass
—line change variation
Crystal clear
Basic e swivel line change

Here’s the Level III ITS practice video!

Expectation for participation in III
-Some practice is expected out of class – to keep Level II concepts fresh and review what we do in III class each week. Estimate is 30 mins a couple of times per week.

-Regular attendance is expected. When you’re not able to come to class, post on Facebook. Other students will help fill you in on what you missed.
-“Effusively positive” attitude, supportive in class of self and classmates, positive and supportive toward dance community

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