Level II

In Bellydance Level II we’ll focus on refining and building technique with dynamic movement, layers, and attention to detail. We’ll also build our group improvisational format vocabulary with combinations and formations, and occasionally focus on choreography and dancing with props. Performance opportunities are offered periodically throughout the year.

A familiarity with basic bellydance technique as well as the basics of Duende style group improvisational format is required to join Level II. These requirements can be met by enrolling in a session of >Level I< or private lessons with a Duende style instructor.

Check out the >schedule of classesand come dance with us!

Technique Level II

Level 1 technique is listed here too, since we spend time on these moves in Level II as well, building speed, precision, and power, as well as adding these moves into combinations and practicing variations. We also spend time combining two (or more) of the Level I moves into layers: try this at home by picking two moves from the list below and trying them together!  Level II-specific moves in bold. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as we often learn choreography and combinations that include other technique and variations. However, it gives you an idea of the minimum we cover in Level II.

Linear movement:

  • hips up, hips down, both in place and with steps (legs, obliques, glutes)
  • dynamics (pop, lock, soft)
  • half time glutes, full time feet
  • full time feet, double time glutes
  • hip twist
  • hip slide
  • pelvic tuck/drop
  • pelvis forward/back
  • rib cage lift/drop, using front of body
  • rib cage forward/back
  • rib cage slide
  • head slide
  • shoulder push
  • elbow accent
  • stairstep with any linear move
  • rib cage diamond and box


  • horizontal hip
  • inside out hip circle
  • “drunken” hip circle
  • pepper grinder
  • vertical hip
  • omi
  • omi layered with horizontal hip circle
  • pretzel
  • sagittal circle
  • horizontal rib cage
  • vertical rib cage
  • shoulder rolls
  • head circles
  • wrist circles
  • single hip horizontal circle
  • corkscrew


  • hip shimmy (legs, obliques, glutes)
  • knee shimmy
  • vibration
  • twist shimmy
  • pelvic shimmy
  • choo choo shimmy
  • 3/4 hips, both up and down – hagala, overshimmy, samiha
  • turkish with 3/4
  • arabic with 3/4
  • shoulder shimmy
  • belly flutter

Figure 8s

  • horizontal hip 8s
  • vertical hip 8s
  • sagittal 8s
  • vertical rib cage 8s
  • horizontal rib cage 8s
  • jewel
  • sidewinders
  • vertical hip figure 8 “boxes”


  • rib cage wheels
  • pelvic wheels
  • body waves and undulations
  • snake arms
  • hand and finger ripples
  • arm ripples
  • belly rolls
  • down to up body wave with walk
  • up to down body wave with walk 
  • diagonal undulations


  • 123/chase
  • ball change
  • grapevine (crossing front, back, or alternating)
  • grapevine with 3/4
  • step together
  • step touch
  • campfire
  • party basic E (step touch with down to up rolls)


  • spotting
  • 2pt turn
  • push turn
  • cross over
  • hook turn
  • 3 step
  • diamond turn
  • barrel turn
  • tornado cross turn and hook turn

Group Improvisation Level II (Youtube practice playlist here)

Choo Choo:
-arc turn
-personal circle

—faster variation
-sassy choo choo
—2 person line change
-forward and back
-choo choo change

Front Bumps:
-Black widow

Side Bumps:
-4pt turn
-2pt turn

-foot change
-with 3/4 shimmy
-crazy turn
—crazy turn clique
—crazy turn duet

-turkish 2pt turn
—2pt turn clique
—2pt turn duet

-personal circle
—mazin 4pt
-hershey kiss
-double bumps
—double bumps duet
—double bumps clique
—sunrise duet

High Ghawazee:
-personal circle
-indigo turns

-faster variation

-with 3/4 shimmy
-arabic 4pt
-twist and dip
—twist and dip turn
-arabic arm circle
—push turn

Basic Egyptian:
-half turn
-full turn
-hip twists
-Flying Asbinis

Low Basic Egyptian:
-low twists

-Pod and Chorus
-Nuclear fusion

Formation moves
-Entering with a flourish (clique)
-Cliques <-> Staggers
-Stagger – Traveling Circles
-Stagger – Line Change (Fade)

-Chorus <-> Clique
-pod and chorus <-> stagger
-double stagger
-split chorus
-chorus marching band line change, tag out
-yipping to end combo/song



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